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    1052016, (其他)Hsiao-Wei Yuan
    104Lin, G.-M., Y.-H. Chen, P.-L. Yen, and S.-T. Chang,2016,Antihyperglycemic and antioxidant activities of twig extract from Cinnamomum osmophloeum,Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine,6,pp281-288 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    104Hsu, C.-Y., C.-Y. Lin, and S.-T. Chang,2016,Antitermitic activities of wood essential oil and its constituents from Chamaecyparis formosensis,Wood Science and Technology,50,pp663-676 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    104Tsao, N.-W., Y.-H. Sun, S.-C. Chien, F.-H. Chu, S.-T. Chang, Y.-H. Kuo, and S.-Y. Wang,2016,Content and distribution of lignans in Taiwania cryptomerioides Hayata,Holzforschung,70,6,pp511-518 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1042016,,49,2,pp151-164 (其他)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1042016,,49,2,pp177-188 (其他)Shang-Tzen Chang
    104Hsiao, N.-C., T.-C. Chang, F.-L. Hsu, and S.-T. Chang,2016,Environmentally-benign treatments for inhibiting the release of aqueous extracts from merbau heartwood,Wood Science and Technology,50,2,pp333-348 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1042016,,30,1,pp1-10 (其他)Shang-Tzen Chang
    104Lin, C.-Y., T.-C. Chang, Y.-H. Chen, Y.-J. Chen, S.-S. Cheng, and S.-T. Chang,2015,Monitoring the dynamic emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds from Cryptomeria japonica by enclosure measurement,Atmospheric Environment,122,pp163-170 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1042015,,48,4,pp377-386 (其他)Shang-Tzen Chang
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