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    105Hsiao, N.-C., T.-C. Chang, H.-Y. Lin, and S.-T. Chang,2017,Reaction mechanisms inhibiting the release of aqueous extracts from merbau heartwood by iron (II) and copper (II),Wood Science and Technology,51,3,pp653-668 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    105Chen, Y.-H., C.-Y. Lin, P.-L. Yen, T.-F. Yeh, S.-S. Cheng, and S.-T. Chang,2017,Antifungal agents from heartwood extract of Taiwania cryptomerioides against brown root rot fungus Phellinus noxius,Wood Science and Technology,51,3,pp639-651 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1052017,,32,1,pp71-86 (EI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1052017,,18,1,pp1-14 (其他)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1052016,,30,4,pp247-258 (其他)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1052016,,49,4,pp351-363 (其他)Shang-Tzen Chang
    1052016, (SCI)Chinlong Zheng
    105Lin, G.-M., H.-Y. Lin, C.-Y. Hsu, and S.-T. Chang,2016,Structural characterization and bioactivity of proanthocyanidins from indigenous cinnamon (Cinnamomum osmophloeum),Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture,96,14,pp4749-4759 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    105Lee, C.-J., M.-J. Chung, S.-S. Cheng, T.-C. Chang, T.-H. Yang, and S.-T. Chang,2016,Effects of Dricon treatment on surface properties and fire resistance of Taiwan and China moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens),Journal of Tropical Forest Science,28,4,pp498-507 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
    105Yen, P.-L., S.-S. Cheng, C.-C. Wei, H.-Y. Lin, Vivian H.-C. Liao, and S.-T. Chang*,2016,Antioxidant activities and reduced amyloid-β toxicity of 7-hydroxycalamenene isolated from the essential oil of Zelkova serrata heartwood.,Natural Product Communications,11,9,pp1357-1362 (SCI)Shang-Tzen Chang
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